Sustaining The Future

Wild Mountains is about caringnot just about ourselves but also the planet. After all it is extraordinarily beautiful, and unique and without it we wouldnt be here.

So the people who started Wild Mountains thought Wouldnt it be great to involve lots of people and build an inspirational centre from the ground up, and help others experience the natural world so that they will want to care for this brilliant blue ball that we are part of.

The dream has become reality. Over the years Wild Mountains has become a dynamic, not for profit organisation with a centre that provides programs and opportunities to help people to connect more intimately with nature and each other.

Why Here? Why Now?

Everything that we have from technology to transport, from housing to clothing and food, in fact our whole civilisation is intricately linked to the natural world.

The need for us to understand that relationship is fundamental to our future success.

While humans, with our amazing brains have been remarkably successful, we are stretching natural limits so far that the systems of life are unravelling. The resulting impoverishment of the environment causes wasted opportunities and conflict and makes bad economic sense.

If we can educate children so that as adults they make environmentally responsible decisions at all levels, then battles over the environment can become a thing of the past.

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