Shapers of Tommorow

The Shapers of Tomorrow 5 day program celebrates the transition that young people are making in their journey from childhood into adults.
In learning about the key concepts of life on earth students visit Anna Maria’s Pizza Parlor to discover the flow of sunlight energy and the hidden costs of our carbon fueled economy. They learn about interrelationships at the Connection Inspection site, and go to the Circus of Cycles and act out the cycles of air, water and soil, before taking the journey of a lifetime to experience change over time. Students then display their understandings by creating their own Model Planet.
Regaining that sense of wonder of the natural world is a key focus of the Shapers program and our Magic Spots, Earthwalk and Viewing Party are designed to get our learners in touch with just how beautiful this blue planet is.
Shapers of Tomorrow makes space for participants to be heard and express just where they are at. Through Work that Reconnects they are able to get in touch with their feelings in a supported workshops. Our Collaborative Competency workshop looks at group dynamics exploring relationships and diversity, the giving and receiving of feedback, understanding body language and a whole lot more.
This 5 day program is aimed at empowering students to shape their lives as responsible individuals leading sustainable lifestyles and living more lightly on the Earth.
Shapers of Tomorrow meets many of the essential learnings for this age group and is a springboard to further education back at school. Wild Mountains caters for up to 40 students as we feel that smaller groups provide a superior experience with better learning outcomes.
The best learning happens when students can have fun and wish to know more… and that’s the experience we provide. We enjoy making this program simply a fantastic experience for students; one they will never forget.