Physical Environment


Visitors using the activity sites and comprehensive track system can enjoy the many and varied delights that Wild Mountains has to offer.

Views over the surrounding countryside from Wild Mountains are extensive and spectacular sunsets can be seen over the rugged skyline of Mt Barney and the Scenic Rim.

Wild Mountains is home to such an exceptional variety of fauna and flora, including species listed as threatened and rare.

Some 300 species of plants and animals, many of which contribute to the World Heritage Significance of the Scenic Rim, make up the Wild Mountains species list.

Over 100 bird species, 31 reptiles, 25 mammals and 18 frogs have been identified here!

Within this magnificent setting we have built a role model center with facilities that have much to offer.

Using renewable technologies for power and waste management, appropriate building materials and practices combined in a spectacular and functional center. Wild Mountains demonstrates that minimising impact is possible and desirable.