Major Supporters


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Wild Mountains Trust. We invite you to make a meaningful difference to the planet and the life on it.
At Wild Mountains we provide the missing tools needed to equip the community and our kids for them to improve the future health of the planet. Wild Mountains is a privately run not-for-profit organisation that relies on corporate and individual donations to subsidize our programs which enable the community and our kids to access vital education and tools to live in greater harmony with the planet.

At Wild Mountains we are interested in creating co operative and mutually beneficial relationships. We are interested in supporting environmentally conscious and local businesses who feel that they are in a position to give. There are opportunities to give freely and we welcome these, but also to partner together to mutually benefit for an information and benefits package of Wild Mountains Sponsorship please get in touch via the contact form.
Sponsorship of Wild Mountains also provides significant tax benefits, as they are treated as donations to Wild Mountains, a registered Not-for-Profit organisation.
The Support we recieve goes directly to the development, support and facilitation of Wild Mountains Programs and Sustainable Building Practices. These enable us to provide environmental and community education like our Earth Keepers Program for 10-12 year olds, our Shapers of Tomorrow Program for 14-16 year olds or our Growing Roots Program for the “bigger” kids as well as other opportunities for educating our local communities.


  1. Gecko 
    The Gold Coast’s peak non-government not-for-profit environment group.

  2. Earthsave 
    Provides environmentally sustainable products including energy efficient solar hot water and power systems.

  3. Bligh Tanner 
    Consulting engineers

  4. R&B 
    We connect people to brands through creative visual, interactive and tangible experiences.

  5. Gillow & Teese 
    Chartered Accountants

  6. Enstil 
    Financial Services

  7. MECU Responsible Banking 
    MECUResponsible Banking

  8. FoodConnect 
    Food Connect brings you local and sustainable food.

  9. Trailers 2000 
    Trailers 2000

  10. SRRC logo 
    SRRC logo

  11. Rockcote