International Student Volunteers

Wild Mountains relies on its volunteer support with International Student Volunteers being especially important. 

Each year we host teams of up to 15 university students from the US, Canada and England for two weeks at a time where they undertake a variety of tasks critical to Wild Mountains’ development.


Wild Mountains was one of the first project partners for "ISV in Australia,": and the partnership has proven invaluable to both organizations. 


Over the 8 years of ISV involvement at Wild Mountains, volunteers have constructed and maintained walking tracks, begun and continued the rehabilitation of forest areas through weed removal and tree planting, extended a fire trail on the spectacular northwest escarpment, helped build fences, put water infrastructure and a nursery in place, assisted in making the rock fire place, and worked on and maintained a huge range of building projects.

While the work this project encompasses is part of the ongoing establishment and maintenance of this dynamic centre, some tasks build on past efforts of previous ISV teams while others may be new.


The educational components of the ISV program are an integral part of the overall experience. Hard work, group discussion sessions and journal writing, nature discovery and a whole lot more enhance what participants learn and take away from this volunteer experience. It’s informative, fun and educational and where they gain new skills for work and life. In short: a mind blowing experience that they never forget and that often changes their life.


ISV work at Wild Mountains is of local, regional and national importance as they participate in the rehabilitation and maintenance of forests of world heritage significance. Further their support allows this centre, through its education programs, to reach out to people from all over the world.


As well as providing an income stream that helps support our staff, program delivery and building projects, ISV provides a large motivated workforce that in a short space of time gets a lot done.