Glen eagle State School on Earthkeepers for 2018

Thursday, November 15, 2018

 We had a bunch of Poets on our last camp and some gorgeous words came out. So many in fact we couldn't get to hear them all! Gleneagle state school tells us they will take them back to school to write into a class journal. We had mainly wet magic spots, these can be sometimes a challenge at the end of a big day. Then this descriptive poem written by a 10 year old during their magic spot on an Earthkeepers Program really touched me- please enjoy below...

My Magic Spot:
While the trees were swaying,
the birds were singing,
I thought to myself how beautiful
and magical Nature really is.
I heard the faint splash of rain hitting the ground,
I could smell the fresh rainy air,
I felt light and free.
like the wind,
the beautiful whispering wind was taking
me through the wonder of mother earth. 
- Anonymous 

A great bunch of kids from a local school funded by the local council to attend. We look forward to continuing to work with this school over the coming months to help set up their "Eco Eagles" environment club and get a school Container Deposit Scheme happening. The Container Deposit Scheme is hoped to fund a Earthkeepers camp for next year from Gleneagle as council funding was only for 1 year. 

On Behalf of the Wild Mountains Crew- Lizz Hills