Donate to Wild Mountains

Making a donation to the Wild Mountains Environmental Education Centre means making a contribution to providing quality education on the systems of the planet to little kids and bigger kids.
Your donation will enable school camps to be subsidized making our programs available to all schools, help to reforest Wild Mountains and promote the value of landcare, while supporting the center to reconnect our community with nature in meaningful ways for the wellbeing of the planet and generations to come.

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Be part of a Legacy


Donate in memory of co-founder of Wild Mountains, a great man with a joint vision, who passed away on August 1st 2017



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WMDonate1-Month25 WMDonate2-Month50 WMDonate3-Month250 WMDonate4-Month500

Educating with Earthkeepers
Sponsor a student

Conserving with Forest regeneration

Inspiring with ways of connecting with nature and living more lightly on the planet

Educating with Programs for all ages



WMDonate5-Once65 WMDonate6-Once100 WMDonate7-Once460 WMDonate8-Once1000

Educating with Earthkeepers
Sponsor a camp

Conserving with Forest regeneration
Sponsor our Camp Creek renewal project
A huge task that’s hugely worthwhile

Inspire with Sustainable Building
Sponsor a buildings completion and maintenance for the community

Educating with programs for all ages
Sponsor a community program and make it a reality

Or Choose Your Own Donation Amount