Yeah, yeah...the trees are getting bigger.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Another great VW with a small but effective crew. Again we focussed on our Camp Creek Renewal Project Stage 2. Thanks to an Everyone’s Environmental Grant from the Qld Dept of Environment and Heritage Protection, work has been going gang busters. As with all regeneration projects and especially tree planting followup is the key to success. Trees planted throughout 2015 are now well and truly establishing. Hundreds of saplings have also sprouted from seeds either stored in the soil and now exposed to sunlight since lantana clearing or seeds more recently dropped from overhead. Pioneer species like giant stingers and bleeding hearts along with emergent species like yellow carabeen are vying for space alongside our planted cedars, figs, rosewood and bungalow palms. And of course ground covers both endemic and vagrant are joining in the rush for space. So keeping the trees clear of unwanted competition is vital for their success which is exactly what we spent our energies on. Of course the project will require a diminishing ongoing presence until the trees eventually shade out rivals which should only take a few more years and presto… a forest helping renew itself!

Our vols also got down and dirty spending a little time clearing underground driveway drains using elbow grease and initiative to cobble together all sorts of tools for the job. Sunset drinks and nibbles while Asher, Ben and Justin planned future electricals and lighting for Whiptail followed by a yummy feed and cards made for a dreamy night’s sleep.

Ben did some electrical repairs next morning while we did some weeding at Mountain Hut which topped off another great weekend. Thanks Ben and Melika (lovely to have the Missen twins together up the mountain again) and Asher Christophers and Amy Read for all your hard work and positive attitude.