Saturday, May 20, 2017


Wild Mountains was pleased to host a local Brissie Kundalini Yoga group running a national "Women's Camp". The gathering brought together teachers and students from around Australia, to create positive change and support others on their journey.

The history of Women’s Camp

Recognising the need to educate women about women, Yogi Bhajan created a special summer intensive training program for women. The first Khalsa Women’s Training Camp, the precursor and foundation to today’s International Women's Camp, was held in 1976 in Española, NM.  Men’s courses were much shorter. Yogi Bhajan explained that women are far more complex (and powerful!) than men, so in the long run, men would benefit more if there was a greater focus on teaching women how to be radiant, strong, and effective.
Women's Camp ran for eight weeks and included everything from martial arts and marching, to music and meditation. Yogi Bhajan personally lectured and led Kundalini Yoga classes every day. He was determined to elevate and transform woman from “chick” to eagle, emphasising the nobility, strength, and grace of women. Yogi Bhajan taught special meditations for women and shared ancient secrets on health and diet for women. He lectured on virtually every aspect of a woman’s life including love, romance (versus reality), marriage, and child raising, always building our self-esteem and reminding us of the divine nature of women.

For More information Contact
Sirgun & Sat Ravi at hello@gracefulwomen.com.au