WIldmountains Songs 2017 - a songwriting weekend.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

 For the second year we welcomed a group of talented musicians to Wild Mountains for a weekend of songwriting, laughter and creativity. This year the artists line up was -

Skye Staniford

Bow Campbell

Tamara Bell

Emma Bosworth

Robert Crook

Matt Cochran

Eddie Jacobson


Benjamin Hale

The weekend co - ordinator Emma Bosworth had this to say- “20 years ago, I attended a YES camp, back when they were on the Gold Coast. I remember coming home a changed young woman and mum thinking I'd been brain washed. All of us know, that my heart and mind had been opened to a world full of joy, discovery and respect. My twenty year journey after YES, has always had the environment and the arts at the heart, so it made sense for me when trying to find a location for a songwriter's retreat to choose The Wild Mountains. I can not express enough my gratitude towards Liz, Susan, Richard, Rowan and J for the work that they do in keeping the land so cared for, for sharing their land knowledge with their guests, and making us feel so welcomed. In its second year, the participants are always glowing with a rediscovered outlook on life, and always a tear in their eyes as they transcend back to normality. “It’s so exciting to come away and realise that the world is still so full of potential – potential art, potential collaborations, potential new friends.  It was a real shot to the arm, and to be honest, I’m still quavering emotionally in my middle.  A lot to process, an amazingly rich gift of renewed vision in my life” Tamara Bell (The Hits), 2017 participant.” www.emmabosworth.com/wmsongs

The feedback was beautiful - :

Thank you for welcoming us into your space, and for the delicious food and for the opportunity to be at peace and with time to actually create.

Thank you for showing us the purpose and passion you obviously have for your land and for inspiring us to be mindful of and inspired by the environment we are in. Not just at Wild Mountains but anywhere and everywhere.

Thanks for making such a place available to the likes of us. It’s immediately and obviously a beautiful part of the world, but to be afforded the opportunity to be there and compose, and perform, and share stories and experiences is absolutely invaluable.

For the Earth

Lizz Hills