The Wilderness Society came for a cuppa.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Wilderness Society came to Wild Mountains to share ideas on how to reconnect our communnites and government with nature. They stayed for three days, many cups of tea and great conversations were had. 

The Wilderness Society campaign across Australia to create protected areas and strong, nationally consistent laws. They are running a series of campaigns to protect some of Australia’s most incredible places.

       -The Kimberley in Western Australia is a stunning landscape under threat. We are          campaigning rigorously for creating protected areas and securing a World Heritage listing.

  • The Tarkine in Tasmania is Australia's largest remaining temperate rainforest. Due to a lack of formal protection, these forests are at risk from logging and mining. 
  • Tasmania’s forests deserve protection. We're working to create regulatory mechanisms to keep these forests safe. 
  • The Great Western Woodlands is the largest unfragmented woodland left on earth. It's unprotected and we're working to prevent industrial threats to keep it intact.
  • Victoria’s forests are still under threat. We're helping them by supporting the Great Forest National Park campaign.
  • Land clearing laws have been rolled back in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. We plan to stop this war on nature by securing strong laws. 

It was good to hear all the great work happening to help protect our beautiful country and world. Looking forward to having the crew back again! 


For the Earth 

Lizz Hills