Wild Smith Mountains Jig - a Magic Night, new and old connections made... Just Beautiful- over 100 people celebrating!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

 Geoffrey T. Smith was a co- founder at Wild Mountains, the inspiration for so much here.  His legacy will live on through the trees, the magnificent library he left and his financial contribution in the form of his generous bequest to Wild Mountains. 

Straight from the guest book: 
Janie Edwards ~ A great farewell to Mr Smith and reconnection with so many...
Emma Scragg~ A perfect event for a man who will be missed. Lovely to connect with friends old and new!
Kath Watkins ~ Thankyou for sharing your space with us for the planting and jiging with us in such a beautiful beautiful environment. 
Debbie Leigh and Stewie Jones~ Thankyou from the depths of our hearts for making such a wonderful event to celebrate Geoffrey's Life. 

For those who have asked - The Bessies next preform :
The Green Owl in Bowen Hills at 7.30 this Saturday and....
Tuesday Feb 6 at The Bug, Newfarm Bowls Club at 9pm.

Pic to right:

1. The Bessies - who lit up the night with their voices.

Pics Below: 
1. Richard Zoomers, Jeanie Heaslop, Katherine Robinson and Susan Zoomers planting Geoffrey's flame tree. (look forward to the red flowers.)
3. Claudia Griffin, Liz Cameron, Richard Zoomers, Lizz Hills.
4. Shano, Meg Cossar, Susan Zoomers.
7. Kookabeera Bar sign. (to be finished for the Scrub Jam)