WILD SMITH ~ MOUNTAIN JIG. Celebrate the fantastic Geoffrey Smith

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It’s a definite, January 26, 2018 is Geoffrey party night!

Mr Smith would have been 63 next Jan 25th so to celebrate Geoffrey, bury his ashes and plant a flame tree up on the mountain we thought we should have a big party, have some great live music and do some crazy dancing. It’s what he would wanted. 


Wonderful friend and WiId Mountains supporter Rosalind Perry mentioned it to her band and so The Bessies have offered to come on up and shake the place up with mountain country upbeat picking tunes (check them out on YouTube & Facebook).


It’s a long weekend and you’re invited to set up camp either at Geordies or WiId Mountains. We start with lunch on Friday at 12.30. Later at 4 a burial of Geoffrey’s ashes and a ceremonial tree planting will lead into dinner before partying into the night. Chill out around the bonfire, dance till you go crazy, catch up on everyone you haven’t seen in years! Join in with the musoes and bring your instruments and play music under the trees.


While WiId Mountains will put on a home brew, a pot of soup and more, it’s BYO drinks plus food to shareStay the night and or the next and leave when it suits. Plenty of camping space at Geordies next door and where we’ll party plus limited space in the WiId Mountains A frame camping huts. 


4WD transfers from Middle Quarry, up the mountain will start from 9am and run until 12.00.  Pickups after this require prior arrangement. Please ring Justin. 55441377. Please Carpool and look after the planet as much as you can.Claim the date and commit to the event and commemorate the most fantastic Geoffrey Smith!


See you there and pass this onto to all who knew the great wild man.


For other stuff you will need to know go to:



RSVP 5544 1377 and/or info@wildmountains.org.