Wild Mountains Annual Volunteer Week 2018

Friday, January 12, 2018

What a week - a great start to another great year at Wild Mountains. People from all over the world came to share some time with us on this year's Volunteer Week, some from as far away as America, Canada and Europe, others as close as Palen Creek, 20 minutes down the road. Welcoming them all with open arms and big smiles. We totalled 31 volunteers that came and went during the week and over 1300 volunteer hours contributed. (WOW!)

Like our above job board suggests,we got up to many things: such as lined the ceiling at Whiptail (from start to finish!), opened up the sunset/western track, made induction videos, launched a Wild Mountains Boomerang Bags community, started the timber slatting in front of the hall, prepared Geordies for the "Wild Smith, Mountains Jig" (26 JAN, see you there), finished lining the A frames and much more to help Wild Mountains get ready for the year. Also, we had a great time visiting some of the local watering holes together, threw in a couple of camp fires and a group stargazing session. #RecconectWithNature #bushsummer #lovewildmountains

The magic happened, the work was done and the delicious food was eaten. Thanks to everyone who made it awesome!

Special thanks to - Robin Torres-Day, Emi Day, Andrew Wallace, Teegan Wallace, Kaiden Wallace, Dylan Strachann, Nancy Bradley, Mir Werneirs, Waris Usmani, Emma RB, Shannon Brown, Bri Conway, Maggie Harrington, Mandy and Theo Ross, Krystal Diatschenko, Gary Maloney, Chris Newton, Matthew Sava, Siri Bjerkadal, Emma Hunt, Georgie Poole, Amy Munroe-Burrnet, Harrison Curr, Oscar Rotili, Marcello Rotili, Henery Rotili, Domenic Rotili, Jennifer Rotili, Asher Zoomers, and Karen Gill.


How do you get a great start to the year...a positive attitude helps. Waris Usmani told us " I already know this is gonna be the best week of 2018"...and it was! 


For the Earth- Lizz