The Whitefords

Monday, January 14, 2013

One of the wonderful things about Wild Mountains is that we get to meet lots of lovely people.

Take for example our annual Volunteer Week: a Jack rings a few days before looking for a summer camp for his girls. Having been in the country for just 2 weeks he is searching for opportunities for his family. I had to explain that we didn’t have summer camps (although they had been on the cards a few years ago) but that if he wished he could bring the family up for the VW Week.

After all we get people young and old from all over the planet helping out so I was fairly confident that if nothing else the family would have an interesting experience. Jack said he would have to confer with his clan and would get back to us. Sure enough he did and on Friday evening they showed up and what a delight it was to meet them: Jack, an American who has lived and worked in Taiwan for around 25 years, his beautiful Taiwanese wifeKitty and 3 engaging daughters Nico, Shantih and Jesse.


So after introductions that evening and conversations that went late into the night, Saturday morning was soon upon us and it was time for work. And away they went chiming in with the other vols here and helping out all over the place. It was sad to this delightful, articulate and enquiring family leave Sunday afternoon with a desire to be back the following weekend for more work and play.

Sure enough they were back 5 days later and everyone here was so happy to see them again.


We wish them well in settling into a new life in Bris and hope to see them return. Of course I haven’t mentioned the other amazing and beautiful crew who also shared time and space over the last 9 days. It was a blast … thankyou.