Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lots has been going on at Whiptail, what a great journey it is to build with community, friends and wallaby's!  As in all great journey's, there are those sticky moments, those moments of cows and also ...chickens? But perhaps we will save those stories for after we are finished ;) as we are now on the home stretch! Over the last few weeks we have  done the final build coat of lime render on the outside and will complete the outside render in the first weekend of August, also we have put in the second water tank, roughed in the plumbing, had the solar hot water system delivered, Solar panels wired up and all ready for the "new" salt water batteries, sealed the North entry, built the stairs up to the Nature Loo composting toilet, sanded and dressed the skirting boards and ripped the architrave. Plus all the rest that goes along with building and the count of vols who have helped out on this build is at 227 volunteers and counting... Keep an eye out  for our upcoming Whiptail Weekends if you want to come and help out with building or we are in the process of putting together " Sponsor a Tradie" Fundraiser for those last bits of  specialized skills we are not so confident in!