VW (volunteer weekend) 7/8/9

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

This Weekend we tackled lantana and did some hard yakka digging to start the TOOL SHED. We will keep you updated on its progress!

 What keeps me remembering how I I am grateful to be apart of the Wild Mountains story - why having special places like WIld Mountainsis so important - are the special weekends of volunteers that leave changed some how, simply by getting a little closer to nature. 

Check out Sumin's story below- 

Sumin Lee- Griffith Uni exchange Student from Korea studying commerce.  

 "Wild Mountains internship program was like a dream for me because I stayed in Wild mountains is that I thought Australian life. I talked and work with people who are not Korean.

when I went to Wild Mountains, I was really worried that I could communicate with people, disturb others or bully me. However, My members and Wild Mountains people ware really kind and take care of me.

I enjoyed the beauty of nature. Especially, I have never seen so beautiful a sunset in Australia. I saw Australian animals which I looked at zoo as wallabies and koala in Wild Mountains.  

“Magic Spot” is one of good actives in nature. . My feeling was different as I could think of so many things.

When I stayed in Wild Mountains, Phone did not work most of time, but I was not board. I gained invaluable experiences.