VW (volunteer weekend) 21/22/23

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Check out the images for the progress on the shed :) Great helpers, great outcomes. 

I came across a article in the National Geographic sharing some scientific research on the fact we feel better when we get into nature. It was an entretaining article and had some good points on the value of getting out and reconnecting with nature. Weather in your own back yard, local park or the pristine wild. The article suggested that reconnecting with nature at any level was a good thing. We get to see this all the time- below Cecilia, an exchange student from Denmark doing Law shared her thoughts with us. In our comings and goings lets work to remember what underpins it all and supports our lives- Nature. 


The Article- NATURE'S CALL TO WILD Science is proving what we've always known intuitively: nature does good things to the human brain—it makes us healthier, happier, and smarter. Nature writer David Gessner explains why.- http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2016/01/call-to-wild/ 

"I had my first trip to the Wild Mountains the fourth weekend of April. It was an amazing view we had on our trip and we were welcomed with open arms. From the moment we arrived I had the feeling of being a part of the little family within the organisation. 

Everyone was very thankful for the work we did and you felt very appreciated. It made me think about that it is not the amount of hours of effort you are putting into helping, it is the fact that you made the choice too putting in the effort!
Being there during the weekend was like getting away, it felt as if time had stopped for at short period and you could let go of your commitments while you where there. Every morning we went up to our magic spot where you had the opportunity to have moment with your self. This made me stop up and think about my life, how much I appreciate what I have and what I do, a thing I often forget in my everyday life. “- Cecilia Nygaard Jensen