Tool Shed Grant

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wild Mountains is in for a new tool shed thanks to a successful Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant.

Anyone who has been up the mountain will have witnessed that we have tools and equipment all over the place: packed into the “laundry room”, under the Main Hall, up in Caddie’s carport, at Whiptail, under Rob’s Roof and in Bruce’s Shed and of course in the old toilet and shower block that was originally christened and opened by Adrian Hobba in 1989.

Now we will have a designated shed to store all this equipment in.

Our original “temporary” toilet block (and sadly my much used “loo with a view”) had stood the test of some 27 years but having finally succumbed to termite attack and nearly falling down was recently demolished by our ISVstudents in preparation for the new shed. Students then dug holes and concreted steel posts, reused from Geordies and modified by local Wild Mountains supporter John Robinson and now ready for the flooring stage before the shed erection.

We hope to have a few VWs on this project over the next 6 months which will then allow us to gather all of our tools and equipment in one place especially designed for that purpose!