Shellars survives and flourishes.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wow the rains have finally come!

Work on our rainforest regeneration project continued throughout the mid year moving into new territory as well as the vital task of consolidating the efforts of previous volunteers.

Shellars Bend is now well and truly a changed space. From a weed infested gully some years ago a flourishing plot of trees now scrambles to reach the light competing with each other and looking more like a forest every day.

It was touch and go for a while though with very dry conditions persisting over some months at the end of winter. The more established trees showed signs of stress wilting under the relentless heat and drought. Due to their size and the difficulty of providing water to them meant they would have to struggle through on their own or perish. Luckily they survived and now with the advent of storms and the wet they have rebounded and are thriving and increasing the shade thus helping to retain even more moisture as the years go on.

Elsewhere much volunteer time and weekends went into the hard yards of repeatedly carting water from Camp Creek up to the more recent plantings and giving each a good drink to ensure young saplings would survive. Our success rate is around 85% which under the circumstances is a fantastic result. Of course self sown seedlings are popping up and are often hardier than those which have been planted.

For our International Students we’ve also spent time in the very original areas of regeneration of years ago up on the terraces going through and pulling out the odd stray lantana ensuring that the trees there can continue to grow unimpeded till they finally provide the necessary shade to keep the weeds out.

All in all the work done over the last year continues to prove that rainforest regen can be done even in the most difficult of conditions provided we have a dedicated bunch of hardworking vols and a commitment to return and followup.

Thanks so much to all our vols and university students who have given up their time and sweat to bring the forest back!

Thanks also to the Scenic Rim Regional Council for their environmental grants program which has helped pay many of the bills necessary to keep our vols in action and achieve the fantastic success of this ongoing project.