Scottish VW

Monday, September 25, 2017

This VW we had a distintly Scottish flavour with returning Scottish Volunteer Rachel Hay. Also joining us were Griffith Interns Racquel Abrantes, Benjamin Harvey, and Jessie Moore.  After the two weekends Ben, who is studying to become a registered phycologist  wrote us a thoughtful thank you letter where he comments 

“ ...that lightbulb moment (at Wild Mountains) helped me to see the massive interconnectedness of nature the I was pretty oblivious to prior. 

As my long term career goals are in becoming a registered psychologist, the experience there helped me to envision ways to help people overcome states like depression and anxiety by taking time out to reconnect with nature as was evident in our “Magic Spot” activity. I really appreciate that you include this activity of importance in the internship and it really says a lot about your understanding of the relationship between humans and nature. I genuinely believe there will be a time I come across someone in emotional strife that I will recommend they come and spend time volunteering with you so that they can reconnect and feel that sense of community that you all convey so lovingly.”

Ben reminds me that connection to nature speaks to us all and at Wild Mountains we are always looking to help people deepen their connection. 

For the Earth