Samford Earthkeepers return for work

Monday, May 8, 2017

5 days of exploring and discovery, learning and magic. The Samford Valley Steiner School extended their Earthkeepers program to 5 days knowing that children take about 3 days before settling in and getting the best from a camp environment. This allowed us to add on some special Earth Education activities such as a Ramble and a Viewing Party.


These kids like so many Steiner children fully engaged with the experiential learning techniques Earthkeepers has to offer. They were into everything taking it all in.


However they were a free spirited group sometimes difficult to rein in during downtime. On returning to school the class reviewed their behaviour feeling they should have done better so the children felt they could volunteer a day’s labour at Wild Mountains! Their teachers and some parents will be returning soon for one day’s hard yakka. We look forward to seeing them all again when they can hear the whip birds cracking.