Pole Now Stands Tall

Monday, October 22, 2012

It is virtually 10 years to the month since we held our open day with over 100 supporters coming to Wild Mountains to see what all of the fuss was about. And on our last VW the pole in their honor was raised in the amphitheatre garden.

By 2002 Wild Mountains had embarked on a daring and ambitious project: fundraising $750,000 for the construction of the Main Hall and Amenities Block. The target seemed improbable and yet once everyone came up on a weekend in August of that year and we were able to reveal the plans and drawings of what we wanted to construct, give them a taste of the programs we wanted to run, feed them the yummy vegetarian food that all of our visitors, including students get and share in the Wild Mountains dream, the positive energy of that day was palpable, and the goal suddenly seemed not so far off.

Over the next few years the money was raised, the buildings were built and in 2007 the first intake of primary students attended our 3 day Earthkeepers program.

As part of that day in 2002, 6 burly blokes (me included?), ceremonially carried down on our shoulders an ironbark pole onto which everyone was invited to write their names. We promised their names would be inscribed into the timber and thRaising the poleat one day the pole would stand tall in remembrance of the fantastic effort of not only those that came and supported our fundraising drive but all who have made Wild Mountains what it is today. Your generosity has allowed thousands to pass through the centre and be inspired and educated towards a more caring future for all species on our beautiful planet.