October Pancake VW

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thanks heaps to our vols over October VW.

It was a delight to have Australia round trippers Georgia and Lachy stay with us over a week adding their youthful spirit to the mountain. Also lovely to have Emma Creasy return with friend Rachel plus most of the Wallace tribe here again with Andrew, Teagan and LeeAnn.

From lantana bashing in the jungles along the creek, clearing, widening and repairing steps on the Sunset and Whiptail fire trails, painting signs for our Scrub Jamm and cooking up delicious meals, the VW was made complete with a game of Cribb and some Zilch to round things off. Best of all I show up for Sunday brekkie and am happily greeted by a stack of steaming pancakes. My first thought is “YUMMO!” and my second is that the surprise I was about to register is replaced with “Yep, Andrew’s adding his special touch again”. I think he’s been getting the team going over many years whenever he shows up with pancake specials on Sunday mornings. Thanks mate.