Thursday, December 13, 2012


Once again grade 6 students from Boronia Heights concluded the year’s Earthkeepers program. This was Boronia’s 6th visit to Wild Mountains and the students were a credit to their school and their teachers Lisa Maloney and Allan Potts as well as their chaplain Terry.


As per usual amid all the fun and activities, some serious learning about the systems of life on earth helped round off their scientific understandings. They all got in touch with the natural world in some very unusual ways as well as doing some fantastic exploring.



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Recently we had the pleasure of having first time volunteers Peter and Sandy Lawson along with their daughter Natalie plus their good friend John Edmonds come up and help out.


Pete had been having difficulty getting to our VWs and asked whether he could come up on a Thursday, lend a hand for a few days, then pick up Sandy and Nat on Friday evening and stay over the weekend. John also joined the team for the Saturday. John had warned me that both Pete and Sandy were skilled workers and recommended taking any offer of assistance. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Despite the best of intentions, I’ve never managed to make it up to Wild Mountains before. Now I’m wondering why I haven’t volunteered earlier!

Our motley crew arrived on Saturday morning to a cheery greeting from Richard, followed shortly afterwards with a morning tea assembled and delivered by Susan. 

The day was spent working on the immature orchard on a sunny, northern-facing slope. Following a brief introduction by Justin and Canadian Woofer Marsha, the group enthusiastically got to work building mini retainers around the existing trees.  We transported water and soil, dug swales, composted...