MAY VW 5/6/7

Friday, May 12, 2017

You ask - what is this good looking crew doing out in the bush on top of a mountain? Shouldn't they be down town swinging it in the latest trendy bar? Well let me tell you about the greatest impromptu 5 year old`s birthday party.  Not only did this amazing crew of Griffith uni students and local fellas rise to the challenge of bashing lantana in the jungles, creating future volunteer induction safety video's and helping out at Whiptail, but when Rowan (now 5 yrs old) requested a fancy dress party WITH DANCING and a chocolate cake sailing boat "maybe with an octopus attached so the captain doesn't get lonely", did they shrink from the challenge?  No, like true Wildmountaineers they rose to the occasion (including bringing out some memorable dance moves to Formidable Vegetable Sound System) and exclaimed - bring on the bling and pink! Thanks guys this pary will go down in our history books.