Keeping up with the Roberts

Saturday, August 6, 2016

You know how it goes... you’re having a meal talking about ride on mowers as you do and then Lynn says “Tim’s always finding second hand mowers and fixing them up for people. He loves it, knows his mowers and likes doing it; like a hobby really.”

And before you know it Chris and Tim are offering to find a mower and donate it to the mountain. A few weeks go by and after a trip to Childers, a check over and some mechanical work before new tyres, a spiffy bright red Estate ride on mower is delivered to our doorstep.

We’ve already done some circle work with it preparing for our Model Planets activity with Shearwater Seiner as well as mowing at Green Gate clearing for Munchline Monitors and more easily mowing some of our grassy tracks.

So thanks again to the mighty Roberts family. Their ongoing support for WIld Mountains is touching and greatly appreciated.

Richard and the wallabies.