ISV goes Wild

Friday, July 15, 2016

Wild Mountains ISV program this year saw 2 groups of international university students enthusiastically take on a huge range of tasks over their 2 week stay here. 

In a committed effort and with their new leaders Stephanie and Wild Mountains’ friend and supporter Meg Cossar, old and dilapidated Geordies next door was demolished in order to retrieve as much material for reuse as possible. Already many of the joists have gone into the Whiptail carport roofing. Our original toilet block (and sadly my mush used “loo with a view”) was also taken down in preparation for a new tool shed. The old building was nearly falling down after years of termite attack but it well and truly passed all expectations which when opened by Adrian Hobba in 1989 were for it to only be a temporary toilet and shower block. Students dug holes and concreted new steel posts (reused from Geordies) ready for flooring and shed. 

More work was done on the Camp Creek Renewal project with lantana being pulled out making way for another planting of 150 trees while most importantly maintaining past plantings. With the students’ help the jungles are coming back! 

The Sunset Track has new staircases and is now open for sunset walks and viewing. Two original walking tracks in our rainforest have also been cleared and re-opened. When next you come up go for a wander and listen for the songs of the Whip and Cat Birds, fruit doves, pidgeons and pittas. Work at Whiptail included extending the tyre retaining wall widening the track up to the road and digging a new pit for the greywater system. 

Our average rating for the 2 programs came in at 4.8 out of 5 and in the feedback from ISV students’s comments expressed gratitude for the personal growth and ecological understandings they gained in their short stay here. 

 Thanks heaps to Lizz for her amazing culinary efforts in feeding the troops. Also to Ned Hill for his ongoing support in providing his bus for the troops’ day out to Boonah and Cunningham’s Gap on their weekend off. 

Students’ comments:

“It got me out of my comfort zone and taught me lifelong lessons about sustainability that I can apply to my everyday life.” 

“Best thing I've ever done. I have grown exponentially in every way possible and will carry its lessons with me forever.”

“I learned about the impact I have on the environment and what I can do.”

‘A life-changing experience. It made me step outside my comfort zone and gain a new appreciation for the environment.” 

“One of the most amazing things I've ever done. It taught me more about the environment, as well as myself as a person. I definitely left a better person than when I arrived.”

“A great experience to learn new things on taking care of the planet and learning about yourself.”

“It is an incredible place run by unique and inspirational people who have so much to teach and give.”

“Life changing, the trip helped me become a better person.”

“Such a special place. You feel like you are in a different world with such a sense of purpose and care. There is so much to learn from this place and the people.”

“It was a great way to learn how I want to live my life.”