The Wild Mountains Trust is an independent, community focussed, non-profit organisation providing leadership in environmental education and conservation.

The Trust has acquired land south of Rathdowney adjoining the World Heritage Border Ranges National Park for a nature reserve and venue for education. On this magnificent site a world class Centre is being built. Here, using the unique purpose-built residential facility, quality experiential environmental education for the whole community will be provided.

In subtropical and eucalypt forests participants will have the opportunity to discover an amazing natural world. At the same time Wild Mountains can reinforce its educational programs with examples of renewable power generation.



Recent News

Monday, January 21, 2013

This year WM has done the improbable and invented the “9 day week”. Due to a typing error this year’s vol week spanned two weekends instead of one making it nine days not seven. Fortunately no-one noticed and it also gave us the opportunity to introduce and welcome a new family to the mountain who came and went and came back (see the Whitefords article). Richard & I sat & looked at the priorities for the week and came up with, what we thought, was quite a daunting list of jobs. When he drew it all up for the vols on the whiteboard, the statement “We may not get through all these...” couldn’t have been more true. You can imagine our surprise as the weekend started and job after job were crossed off. The work done was so vast that I couldn’t do it...

Monday, January 14, 2013

One of the wonderful things about Wild Mountains is that we get to meet lots of lovely people.

Take for example our annual Volunteer Week: a Jack rings a few days before looking for a summer camp for his girls. Having been in the country for just 2 weeks he is searching for opportunities for his family. I had to explain that we didn’t have summer camps (although they had been on the cards a few years ago) but that if he wished he could bring the family up for the VW Week.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ready or not here comes 2013. Another year has started for us all and at Wild Mountains we are back on board and reaching out to you and the world to remember our connection the earth. 

Over Christmas I was reminded how important it is to take time to reflect in our busy lives on things that are truly important. The love of friends and family, good food and taking the time to acknowledge how lucky we are to be alive on this beautiful bauble, earth.