The Wild Mountains Trust is an independent, community focussed, non-profit organisation providing leadership in environmental education and conservation.

The Trust has acquired land south of Rathdowney adjoining the World Heritage Border Ranges National Park for a nature reserve and venue for education. On this magnificent site a world class Centre is being built. Here, using the unique purpose-built residential facility, quality experiential environmental education for the whole community will be provided.  Wild Mountains has a vision of a world where people lead fulfilling lives while sharing the earth’s resources with all of the life forms on this planet and without degrading our life support systems. We believe the best way of achieving this is through education. In response, Wild Mountains has the vision of a world class centre where environmental education in a natural setting is the cornerstone of learning.Our vision sees people sharing life’s amazing natural wonders through programs that help them to understand their relationship to the natural world and inspire them to lead environmentally conscious lifestyles.As well we see Wild Mountains’ supporters participating in the functioning of a centre that demonstrates new technologies in its building infrastructure, power and waste management, and sound land stewardship for the benefit of future generations.

In subtropical and eucalypt forests participants will have the opportunity to discover an amazing natural world. At the same time Wild Mountains can reinforce its educational programs with examples of renewable power generation.

We at Wild Mountains recognise the traditional custodians, acknowledging that they are part of the oldest living culture on earth, living on, shaping and managing this land for tens of thousands of years. The Midginberri tribe of the Yugambeh language grouping are the traditional custodians, who continue to have an enduring connection to this land. As present carers we acknowledge thier culture and story and endeavour to the best of our abilities to nurture this land for future generations. 


Recent News

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lantana… love the stuff… well sort of. When it comes to weeds it’s my favourite.


It’s leaves smell nice, it has lovely flowers, it seems to enrich the soil and even provides a home for birds.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

All things considered we are excited to be able to report that we have successfully lodged the BA with council.

Lizz has done wonders to collate all the various pieces of data required to enable council to approve the thing.

It seems funny to me that with all their technology and staff they still require us to do their photocopying for them and submit 3 copies of everything and 4 of some others.

Still I suppose it keeps the printers in business.

Our profound thanks go out to Rob Peagram, Alison Orr, John Zhang, Dennis Edwards, Emma Scragg, Shaun O'Donnell, Ray (the fire guy), Jo Grodecki & Richard for all thier help in putting all this together. We now await council's response on what we have missed.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What a wonderful weekend.

We were picked up from the bus stop by Broad smiling Elizabeth, Justin and little Rowan. And as we drove up the hills to Wild Mountains I really did not know what to expect from the weekend, all I knew was that it was my last weekend in Australia and I was to make the most of it.

It started off a pretty damp and wet as we arrived to heavy rains that was predicated to last all weekend, but to our delight it was not long before the sun came out, and that was when the magic happened. We walked in to the smell of stir-fry dinner being prepared in the kitchen, and were greeted with big smiles and even bigger hugs and made to feel right at home.

There were 11 volunteers in total that weekend. There was the Wallace...