The Wild Mountains Trust is an independent, community focussed, non-profit organisation providing leadership in environmental education and conservation.

The Trust has acquired land south of Rathdowney adjoining the World Heritage Border Ranges National Park for a nature reserve and venue for education. On this magnificent site a world class Centre is being built. Here, using the unique purpose-built residential facility, quality experiential environmental education for the whole community will be provided.

In subtropical and eucalypt forests participants will have the opportunity to discover an amazing natural world. At the same time Wild Mountains can reinforce its educational programs with examples of renewable power generation.



Recent News

Monday, May 13, 2013

Year 6 students from Noosa Pengari Steiner School were our first cab off the rank in 2013 with another fantastic Earthkeepers program.

It never ceases to amaze us how engrossed the children become. No pushing required to to engage them in activities, just gentle pulling and even then it’s about keeping their enthusiasm in check. And that says volumes about the program and the kids especially considering we had 4 days of showers and rain!


A magical adventure where learning is integrated with fun and mystery resulting in an awareness that we all make a difference and that choosing good options are the way to go for a better future.

Looking forward to handing out their certificates as they earn their keys and become fully fledged...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This is a little guy who almost didn’t come on camp and if that had been the case Wild Mountains would have been the poorer for it.

What Jacob Currie lacks in size he more than makes up for with his being. Always helpful, smiling and polite, looking at him one would think, “what a great kid.” But then when it comes to sharing thoughts and feelings you suddenly realise there is another side to Jacob, and rarely seen from one so young. Here is someone unafraid to get in touch with his feelings, feelings that run deep. Not only that but he is confident expressing his aboriginal heritage through his writings and drawings revealing a maturity beyond his years.

We got an inkling into all this when at the end of day 1 on our Earthkeepers program with the...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Wild Mountains launches its 1st Wine Fundraiser for 2013
“We have teamed up with Prospect Wines to conduct a wine fundraiser. We have selected a range of great value for money wines which Prospect Wines will label with our own label. Every dozen bottles of wine sold will contribute significant profits towards our group. We encourage you to support this wine fundraiser by taking orders from your family and...