The Wild Mountains Trust is an independent, community focussed, non-profit organisation providing leadership in environmental education and conservation.

The Trust has acquired land south of Rathdowney adjoining the World Heritage Border Ranges National Park for a nature reserve and venue for education. On this magnificent site a world class Centre is being built. Here, using the unique purpose-built residential facility, quality experiential environmental education for the whole community will be provided.

In subtropical and eucalypt forests participants will have the opportunity to discover an amazing natural world. At the same time Wild Mountains can reinforce its educational programs with examples of renewable power generation.





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Recent News

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Whiptail... how the months rush past before you realise where you are and that you haven’t shared any of the excitement of the project with those who can’t make it to the mountain.

So where to begin ...  Thank you all those hands that have gone into this project so far! Bell, Owen and Azuren Noonan, Jon Adermann, Oliver Clasper, Peter Coveney, Rob May, Emma Browne, Luke Reade, Rob Peagram, Kyle, Olrich, Kendra Naderi, Janette Young, Taj Jackson, Louisa Gee, Daisy Kirk, Ned Hill, Neil Hills, ISV 1,2,&3, Jamie, Julie, Bert, David, Merwin, Rob Peagram, John Robinson, Richard, Susan and Asher, and all the friendly work people like Barry backhoe, Joe and Sam Grodecki, John Cockburn. Please accept my apologise if you should be on this list, I'd love to put you there, let me know of any errors because without our volunteers the Whiptail project would still be just a dream....or a muddy hole in the ground...

Well they say...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanks goes out to all our vols that made this week a great and productive event. Thanks to Gary Maloney, Ben Egan, Gen Tzn Kah and our two French Wwoofers Julie and Bertrand. Julie spoilt us with Chocolate Brownies and Carrot cakes for moring tea's.  Great work was done with Ramps to Aframe's, Lining of roofs next to the Amenties and planting of little trees on the terrace's.

 Ben tells us :

'Upon arriving at Wild Mountains, I was instantly in awe at the natural beauty that is present where ever your eyes wander. From watching koala’s interacting with their surroundings, to the beautiful areas of subtropical rainforest that is found within the area, I was never...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Earthkeepers programs have finished for 2013 with our last two schools attending in late October. Wild Mountains has had around 200 hundred children this year learning to become Earthkeepers and understanding that their actions on the earth make a big difference.

Beaudesert and Boronia Heights State School students are now completing their tasks of changing their habits and sharing their knowledge before learning the last two secret meanings for EM and receiving their Earthkeeper certificates. It was a pleasure having both schools here and running through the program with them. Their teachers Mike Meier and Lisa Maloney are passionate about providing the best educational experiences for their students and continue to expose them to the...