Happy 2016!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Snakes alive, Wild Mountains has kicked off 2016 with another annual VW Week. Volunteers came and went over six days with three Griffith University students, Mandy, Natalia and James here for the duration as part of our internship program now successfully running in its third year. As usual we got stuck into a range of tasks from finally putting up and varnishing new ply on our outdoor entry area. Bill Hills chain sawed through our mountainous wood pile which was then split and stacked over some days. Zen painted new signage on the wood shed and spent many patient hours sorting out the mess in our tool room. With Susan, Justin and Lizz away it was fantastic to see the initiative of volunteers to cook up yummy meals and take on tasks I hadn’t arranged like window cleaning!

Our main attention however was focussed on our Camp Creek Renewal Project Stage 2. An Everyone’s Environmental Grant from DEHP has ensured work continues with fantastic results. Reforesting our buffer with the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforest over the border is a significant and ongoing Wild Mountains’ commitment. Our vols maintained, weeded and whipper snipped around last year’s plantings then extended the lantana bashing up the hill joining to a new area of work. They planted new trees and potted up seedlings from seeds collected onsite. The changes taking place are astounding. The wildlife was out in full force including koalas, rifle birds and parrots, big skinks, the odd juicy leech, Lucy the python and a brown snake that visited during smoko in the jungles. 

It was lovely to have friends Jana and Ben here after some years away, as well as the ever wonderful Emma who made managing the reforestation work easier. Also most enjoyable, as always, was having Dom here for a few days and having mum Sarah and beautiful daughter Ember helping out. Zilch, cards and checkers, good yarns and music rounded out another top VW Week. Thanks everyone!