The forest comes back.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Work on our rainforest reforestation project next door is moving along. With Shellars Bend now regenerating and needing only minimal followup, work during our VWs has extended up the steep slopes towards the old avocado terraces. These terraces had our ISV teams working on them over many years and are slowly transforming. Elsewhere large gaps in the forest remain filled with lantana which is being systematically eradicated and replaced either with planted trees germinated from collected seed or from self sown seedlings.


Thanks to the Scenic Rim’s Environmental Grant and the Griffith University Internship program, students and volunteers are transforming the landscape back into its natural state. Our workers are somewhat dismayed when first confronted with the daunting task of masses of spiky lantana but soon become encouraged by just how much they achieve in a relatively short period of time. And of course when they see the results of past efforts, especially in areas rehabilitated some 25 years ago and that is now rainforest, they can imagine what their patch will look like when they come back in years to come.


If you want to get stuck in and be part of the team, join in on a VW or give us a hoy. We’d love to hear from you.