Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It is with much understanding and some regret that we see both Luke Reade and Rob Peagram leave their roles as directors. Both men have assessed the impact on their directorship roles of their challenging and busy lives, complete with issues that can sometimes drive one to despair or to running around in ever decreasing circles…. something that many of us can relate to.


Both were finding it increasingly difficult to do justice to their directorship roles and felt it in Wild Mountains best interests to stand down and allow others to take over their positions.


On behalf of everyone in the organisation I would like to thank them for everything they have done over very many years. Luke has probably introduced more people to Wild Mountains than anyone else I know. His work with renewables and permaculture within the community plus his networking skills and vast contacts have opened up many opportunities for us. Luke has provided a source of volunteers many of whom still stay in touch giving us their support. Rob has also contributed unstinting service. His considered advice from many years of experience in a range of disciplines has helped keep Wild Mountains on a stable path. His outstanding building knowledge and skills plus his opinions and time have assisted greatly with construction work on all our building projects .


We wish them well and know that they will continue to be involved here albeit at arms length and that we can enlist their support when needed. 


Thanks guys for all you have done for us.