EARTHKEEPERS Update with Samford Steiner & Brisbane Montessori

Friday, September 4, 2015

In Autumn the wonderful Lydia Kelly brought up her students from Samford Valley Steiner. It was lovely to connect again with the teachers and the school where we see such care and enthusiasm for learning taking place and where children can still explore, have adventures and be kids. And as usual the students were all excited with the Earthkeepers program. They have returned home as apprentices undertaking the tasks they have pledged to lessen the impact on the planet and have now received their certificates as fully fledged Earthkeepers level 1. And every time we come we are overwhelmed by their welcome.


Combined grades from Brisbane Montessori School came up for their second Earthkeepers before the September holidays. Expectations from teacher Naomi were high and she was not disappointed. Some students initially concerned about going bush expressed how glad they were coming on camp and said their fears had been more than allayed. They loved the activities, learned about life on earth, experienced nature in novel ways, met international guests and were surprised as always at just how good the vegetarian food was.


As apprentice Earthkeepers they are busy earning their next two keys back at home and we look forward to presenting their certificates soon. A big thanks to our volunteers… and to Andrew for stepping in at the last minute and serving up our yummy meals.


~ Richard ~