Earthkeepers days of magic, music, learning.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

 Days of magic, music, learning and experiences have made a deep impression on all of us, the students and their teachers.

Thanks to a recommendation from Gilbert who first made contact looking for an Earthkeepers program for his Noosa Steiner students some 7 years ago, Steiner teacher Heather approached us for a camp. Subsequently Wild Mountains has had the good fortune to recently host 26 year 5 students from Shearwater Steiner School, Mullumbimby.We were able to extend the Earthkeepers program over 5 days and include other Earth Education activities such as Model Planets and as well as lantern making, music and a special campside fire. 

We’ve never experienced a camp so full of song. Heather has instilled a deep joyous love of music in her students who, harmonising in rounds sang the most etherial and beautiful songs as they gave thanks for their food, organised for the next activity or headed off to bed, or for an appreciative round of hugs when saying goodbye. Her love and caring for these children was palpable and we couldn’t help thinking what an amazing journey they are having as they go through their schooling years. Magic Spots were followed with articulated and meaningful sharing while history was made as these students were the first ever to successfully answer all questions in our International Earthkeepers Game Show! Special international guest and applause person Sal had her work cut out for her. 

For Wild Mountains to have played a part in bringing to light for these students a renewed respect for nature and an understanding of what keeps the systems of life on earth going gives meaning to our existence. 

A huge thanks to Dom who having been crook for the first few days came to life and as always added his special genius. Thanks also to Lizz for her scrumptious catering and to our wonderful volunteers Kelly, Nick and Kate for helping in the kitchen or out in the field and to Susan who, as always, fills in all the gaps.


Richard & Justin