Earth Keepers- The River School

Monday, September 25, 2017

In early September we had the pleasure of welcoming over 20 earthkeeper trainees to Wild Mountains from the  Ananda Marga River School. It was a great camp as we also welcomed a new caterer Tanena on board at Wild Moutnains! The Guaridans were outstanding and gained as much from the course as many of our young earthkeepers. One of the guardians was the lovely Jessica Miller who is on the NSW executive committee for the Australian Association for Envionrmental education and writes- 


"I  recently had the great fortune to volunteer with Wild Mountains on their EarthKeepers training program. Richard, Susan, Lizz, J and Rowan are such a kind and generous bunch, and the centre itself welcomed me with birds, breezes and so many shades of green. 


Along with the trainee EarthKeepers from Ananda Marga River School I went on an adventure of discovery and exploration, learning about the sounds, smells and textures of the bush, how a plant muncher gets its energy and why protecting and repairing the connections in our web of life is so important. One of the things I remember most is the tranquility and ease I found at my Magic Spot. At that special place I learnt how to strengthen my connection with nature. It was powerful and nurturing. It struck me how much we need to tend this relationship, as one does a garden. It also reminded me how deep, colourful and rewarding that relationship is. After all, we are natural beings firmly embedded in our environments. So it is only natural that when we reconnect with our home, our hearts, minds and bodies experience all kinds of good stuff.


Helping the trainee EarthKeepers and Guardians I was constantly delighted by their thoughtfulness, bravery and focus. I was also happy to hear about the fun things they get to do at school, including art, meditation and sustainability at their local waterway. With the help of the Wild Mountains family we all practised our abundance mindsets, gratitude, compassion and awareness. Like the other trainee EarthKeepers, I am looking forward to starting the next phase of my training – sharing knowledge, nature exploration and magic spots with friends and family. " 




For the Earth