Digital meltdown

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You could be excused for thinking that Wild Mountains had ended but you would have been mistaken. We have had the technological hitches that seem to beset just about every business or organisation these days but unlike many of them we don’t have the financial resources to fix them just like that... unfortunately.

So our website has been hacked ( a pharma hack , no lost data just embedded code)  and out internet was for a while almost non existent. Behind the scenes of course Wild Mountains has been doing what it always does... delivering experiences and inspiring people to think about how they live on this planet. Unfortunately with all the hassles we haven’t communicated our successes very well but back to the digital world...

The website is up and firing thanks to the support of Tim from Jethro Management who has brought it back to life at a very modest cost to the organisation. Our stories are up again and you will be able to catch up on the much o what has been happening in the last months of news.

We are also in the process of updating our payment portal with Paypal so that people can go to our donations page again in the knowledge their financial transactions will continue to be secure.

Lastly Wild Mountains now has the most speedy internet and larger download capacity then ever before... wait for it...15GB a month! Wow I hear you saying but us it is ... wow. We are now communicating via the Skymuster satellite having been connected to it only a few weeks ago. So with this and now using MailChimp email software we are back on board in this wonderful digital age.

All help in digital area’s most welcome. 

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Best Wishes