CMS up to discover systems of life!

Saturday, March 18, 2017


23 students comprising 3 year levels from the Caboolture Montessori School went through our Earthkeepers program last week. It was wonderful to see the older students helping look after and organise the younger ones.


The children were immersed in magical adventures of discovery and exploration. They even got to meet Lucy, the carpet python, when emptying the food scraps into the compost bin. Of course their time for self reflection in their own magic spot was, as always, the favourite activity. Many of them mention that having time to sit alone in the forest to watch and think is what makes it so special. 


The students also learned about the earth’s life support systems and brainstormed how they could lessen their impact on the earth before heading off to earn their remaining keys and finding out the secrets to becoming and Earthkeeper.


Before hopping on the bus for home many expressed it was the best camp ever, that they didn’t want to go home and wished the camp could be longer.


We’re with you kids.