Can you shake your tail feather as well as a peacock spider can?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stephen and Chad also collected some spiders from the Peacock Spider genus Maratus. Below is some pictures of these Peacock Spider's guru Jurgen Otto and they might warrant naming as a potentially new species to science.

Barbara Baehr at the Queensland Museum, we are wold will have a look at fine details of specimens under a microscope to see if she agrees.

There is quite a lot of Peacock Spiders in the world and most are much more colourful (though a bit smaller) than this spider found at Wild Mountains. Click this link to see why they are called a Peacock Spiders, its not only for thier colours but also thier dance, which has been cleverly put to music! If someone has patience and a good eye, sitting in the dry sclerophyll forest, such as near the a-frames will almost certainly eventually yield more Peacock Spiders at Wild Mountains, who knows maybe even more ones nobody has found before suggested Stephen.