BMS on Earthkeepers for 2018

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Brisbane Montessouri School has participated in Earthkeepers over a number of years now. Always with a great bunch of teachers and kids and this year was no exception. Although we did had our biggest crew of international guests attend our Earthkeepers game show to much of everyones amusement! Our thanks goes out to our dedicated volunteer crew - Hans Beaten, JF Calis, Karly and Amandine Rcp. Dance moves were swapped ,Thunder storms were made and we inspired a group of kids through exploring the systems of life on this planet. 

These kids really embodied the understanding that, for many of us, our lack of understanding has led to actions that have disrupted the Earth’s life support systems. The air we breathe is often harmful; our water continues to be contaminated with chemicals and poisons, and our fertile soil is being depleted at an alarming rate.

The Earthkeepers program helps young people understand these life support systems and develop a personal relationship with the Earth and its life. The program deals with four basic ecological concepts — the flow of energy, the cycling of materials, the interrelating of life, and the changing of form. But what I love about this programs is that we also experience the richness of the Earth through our first-hand contact with the natural world.

Then committing to individual changes that will reduce impact upon the systems of life. This individual commitment is greatly magnified by helping others to know and to care about the Earth, the final component of the program. Looking forward to catching up with these apprentice Earthkeepers soon! 

On Behalf of the Wild Mountains Crew- Lizz Hills