Last week Wild Mountains finished its largest Earthkeepers program. Forty year 5-7 eco-club students from Beaudesert State Primary experienced an action packed 3 days full of mystery, adventure, fun and learning.

The students learned scientific concepts about our planets life support systems and reconnected with nature through exploration and discovery. Sharing their magic spot experiences led to this gem from Rohan below

... I am here in my magic spot and as I sit quietly listening to the sounds of nature and thinking about the future and what Im really going to do and what s going to happen, I think about the environment and why we really need to keep it healthy.

And in amongst all the activities the apprentice Earthkeepers saw a python slowly descending a tree in the jungle, a goanna on its way off to somewhere, and a lazy koala high up in the trees.

Friday saw our apprentices leave on the bus eager to complete their environmental tasks, earn their last two keys and become fully fledged Earthkeepers, level 1.

We hope this camp is the start of a relationship that will assist Beaudesert in moving towards implementing hands on environmental projects within the school.

for the earth